We Can Always Be Better!

Hello once again everybody and welcome back! I’m still not sure what to do with this blog. Long interactive posts are probably the way to go, with a ton of detailed information on the creative process and what is going on with Timid Lion. Ideally, I’d be typing up a few posts days in advance of them being posted. Anyhoo. I’ve been staying busy with caricatures recently. Our Etsy store has been on fire since Christmas and it has really helped. Of course, we encourage you to head over and grab yourself a custom caricature as they make great gifts and start at just $10 😀

I’ve also been busy working on my first children’s book. Recently, I’ve shared a few pieces from it. It’s been a really fun project to work on and I’m really excited to debut it. There are only a few pieces posted here on the blog as I don’t want to give the whole book away. Today’s piece is of a Fairy that visits. I’ve really developed a nice style over the past several years. It definitely hasn’t happened overnight. From trial and error, I’ve found a really fun way to combine traditional and digital art. The finished product is insanely colorful and visually interesting. I’d like to think that this style will become what Timid Lion is known for. I’m putting together this book more as a portfolio piece that can be shown to illustrator reps. I’ve got several other projects in my “Future Projects File”, which I discussed on my blog yesterday, that will utilize this style.

Portion of art from upcoming book. “Untitled, 2019”.

As I continue to try to find myself as an artist, I think finding something that I can claim as my style… my calling card, is hugely beneficial. There are so many talented artists in this world. Finding a way to create art that is uniquely yours and stands out above the crowd is an increasingly difficult thing to do. Practice makes perfect and I feel that is imperative to work on projects that further your skills. You can always learn and you can always improve. This goes not just for our artwork but our lives in general. We can always be better. Until next time, so long everybody.

St. Louis Boo! Autographed Copies

Back in 2015, I was fresh out of college. I had just graduated in early-2014 and had been working on a freelance basis for several companies. One of which produced children’s books. At that time, their best years were behind them. We were just producing small pieces for sales teams to push our services to clients.

Luckily for us, we caught the eye of Reedy Press in St. Louis. They commissioned us to create illustrations for a children’s book called St. Louis Boo. Here is a clip with the author Carolyn Muller from the local Fox affiliate, KTVI. They did a story on the book back in 2015. I even got a shoutout 🙂

I was lucky enough to grab a few boxes of the book. Lucky for me, because a week after I visited the Reedy Press warehouse to pick up the books, it caught fire and they lost all of their inventory. Timing is everything. They have recovered though and are in the process of rebuilding. Since I have extra copies, I’m selling autographed versions. They will be autographed and numbered, 1-35. Grab your copy now while they are still available. I’m not sure how many more print runs there will be of this book. You can grab your copy on my etsy page. Just click the shop link above or click here!

“St. Louis Boo” – Reedy Press – 2015 – Carolyn Mueller – Illustrated by Chris Sharp/Chris Grant.