Caricatures of the Week!

Hello once again and welcome back! It’s time for the first edition of “Caricatures of the Week”! Each week I draw dozens of caricatures, be it through our Etsy page or at live events. We sell caricatures through our Etsy site and they start at just $10! You send us the photos, we draw the art and mail it to your house. It has been a ton of fun. Since we have so much content in that area, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites each Friday. It should be a fun way to end the week. You can always purchase a caricature of your own by using the links at the top of our page. Of course, we are always open for commission as well. Send us a ROAR! to get started. In the meantime, please enjoy some of the fun caricatures that were produced in the past 7 days! Until next time, so long everybody!

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Live Caricatures at Pieces!

Hello once again ladies and gentleman and welcome back. After a successful night of drawing caricatures last Saturday, the good folks and Pieces have invited me back to draw again. I’ll be there tomorrow from 5pm-9:30pm. I’ll be taking photos and will share the best of the best here on the blog. In the meantime, I’ve still been chugging away on my children’s book. I don’t want to share too much of that yet but I hope to have it completed by the end of April. Then I will open preorders through the Timid Lion shop. Stay tuned for details! Until next time, so long everybody!


Sketch Time! – It’s Me :)

Hello once again ladies and gentlemen and welcome back! Occasionally, I will post sketches here. Today was a rough day mentally. I’m not sure if it is an artist thing or what but there are some days where I just don’t feel great. It is like there is a little man in my head bullying me at every turn. Nothing seems to feel good. I’ve tried exercising. Twice. I’ve tried being productive and working on caricatures that I need to mail for Etsy customers. I’ve worked on my book. It’s been rough. Well, I’ll keep trying. Here is little sketch that I did when I was drawing caricatures at Pieces last week. It’s a self-cartoon 🙂 Maybe I’ll clean him up some day. You can never have too many self-cartoons 😀 Until next time, so long everybody!

It’s me! – Self Cartoon 2019

Live Caricatures from Pieces!

Hello once again ladies and gentleman and welcome back! Happy Monday. I wanted to start this week with a recap of the wonderful time I had drawing at Pieces on Saturday night. Pieces is a board game bar and cafe located in the Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis. It is a fantastic place with great food/drink and several hundred games to play.

They were all so nice to me and the reception was fantastic. When the night was said and done, I had drawn almost 50 caricatures! I was able to snap a few pics and I grabbed a few pictures from the Pieces instagram page as well. You should give them a follow, they are @STLPieces. Give me a follow as well, I’m @timidlion85. There is now a standing invitation for me to come back to draw each week. I’m very excited about that and I look forward to heading back in to draw another round! Thanks again to the staff for such a warm reception. See you all soon. Until next time, so long everybody!

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REJECTED! And other caricature musings!

Hello once again ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the Timid Lion blog. As I wrap up another round of Etsy caricatures, there is one less to deal with. A customer, who will remain nameless, ordered a caricature and she immediately asked if she would be able to see the artwork before I mailed it. That is generally not a good sign. I agreed. I showed her the artwork and she didn’t like it at all. Like, 100% not happy about it. My Etsy store has the policy that we will redraw the caricature once free of charge. It isn’t always possible to hit it out of the park on the first try. So, I gave her that option. She wasn’t interested at all so I refunded her and closed the transaction. It is unfortunate but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. When I was drawing live caricatures at the St. Louis Zoo full time, I had a few rejects. What can you do? Move on with life. I’ve learned to remind myself that it doesn’t mean I am a bad artist or I did a bad job, it just means that my vision didn’t meet the vision of the client. All I can control is the amount of due diligence and effort I put into my work, I can’t control the reaction to it so there is no need to worry about it. Here is the reject:

REJECTED! Oh well. Get back on the horse and try again.

Most of the people I interact with through etsy are wonderful. Even the above reject person was nice enough, she still complimented me as an artist. Here is another piece of art that is going in the mail tomorrow. Hopefully it will be met with a better response. Until next time, so long everybody!

Birthday Themed Caricature! – This one was fun to do 🙂

Drawing Live at Pieces STL on March 23rd!

Hey Hey! Happy Wednesday everybody and welcome back to the Timid Lion blog. Some caricature news to share. I’ve worked out a deal with the AWESOME folks over at Pieces STL. Pieces is a Board Game Bar and Grill located near downtown St. Louis. It is a very cool concept. They have over 800 games in stock, located on shelves around the bar. You grab a table, grab a game and start having fun. They also serve tasty food and drinks. All in all, it is a really cool place to visit.

Check out Pieces if you’re in the St. Louis area. You won’t be disappointed!

Welp, I talked with the owner (who sounds like an awesome woman) and I will be drawing there this Saturday night from 4:30-9:30pm. Caricatures will be provided free of charge and it should be a ton of fun. I’m excited. Hopefully this will lead to a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly drawing gig. Should be great for networking and a lot of fun as well. Here is the flyer that we had made to hand out. If you’re in the St. Louis area and are looking for a fun thing to do on Saturday, head on over to Pieces!


Happy Monday!

Welcome back! It’s Monday, which means it is back to work. Unfortunately it must be a quick post today as I have several caricatures to draw, a children’s book to finish, a logo and a website to mockup. I’m a lucky guy. Head over to our Etsy store and buy a caricature, it’s only $10! Here is one that we shipped out today. It’s heading to O-H-I-O! Until next time, so long everybody!

Etsy Caricature – 4 Person Color – Heading to the Buckeye State!