Sketch Time! – It’s Me :)

Hello once again ladies and gentlemen and welcome back! Occasionally, I will post sketches here. Today was a rough day mentally. I’m not sure if it is an artist thing or what but there are some days where I just don’t feel great. It is like there is a little man in my head bullying me at every turn. Nothing seems to feel good. I’ve tried exercising. Twice. I’ve tried being productive and working on caricatures that I need to mail for Etsy customers. I’ve worked on my book. It’s been rough. Well, I’ll keep trying. Here is little sketch that I did when I was drawing caricatures at Pieces last week. It’s a self-cartoon 🙂 Maybe I’ll clean him up some day. You can never have too many self-cartoons 😀 Until next time, so long everybody!

It’s me! – Self Cartoon 2019