St. Louis Boo! Autographed Copies

Back in 2015, I was fresh out of college. I had just graduated in early-2014 and had been working on a freelance basis for several companies. One of which produced children’s books. At that time, their best years were behind them. We were just producing small pieces for sales teams to push our services to clients.

Luckily for us, we caught the eye of Reedy Press in St. Louis. They commissioned us to create illustrations for a children’s book called St. Louis Boo. Here is a clip with the author Carolyn Muller from the local Fox affiliate, KTVI. They did a story on the book back in 2015. I even got a shoutout 🙂

I was lucky enough to grab a few boxes of the book. Lucky for me, because a week after I visited the Reedy Press warehouse to pick up the books, it caught fire and they lost all of their inventory. Timing is everything. They have recovered though and are in the process of rebuilding. Since I have extra copies, I’m selling autographed versions. They will be autographed and numbered, 1-35. Grab your copy now while they are still available. I’m not sure how many more print runs there will be of this book. You can grab your copy on my etsy page. Just click the shop link above or click here!

“St. Louis Boo” – Reedy Press – 2015 – Carolyn Mueller – Illustrated by Chris Sharp/Chris Grant.